Day 4 of Innovation Week and Some Fantastic Quotes!

There wasn’t an empty seat at the Innovation Hall at the Bruneau Centre at Memorial on Thursday evening as Brendan Paddick and John Risley took the stage.  In case you missed it, here are some inspiring quotes that came out of the evening along with some tips from these two entrepreneurial giants:

Inspiring quotes:

“Data gathering capability is enormous but few people have found a way to monetize on it.”J. Risley

“Permission to fail was part of our corporate DNA.” B. Paddick

“We didn’t celebrate success or look down on failure, we celebrated trying it!” B. Paddick

“Failure is an enormous life experience that cannot be replicated. J. Risley

“Look for someone who starts something and finishes what they set out to do.” B. Paddick

Lessons learned (and a few more quotes we loved):

Success is learning from your failure; if you crash into a wall, get back up, look at it and find a way around it. – J. Risley

Complaining about government is not helpful; if you see a problem, do something about it. – J. Risley

We (Atlantic Canada) understand that we need to collaborate and we are doing that (pertaining to ocean technology and clusters)! J. Risley

Capital goes where it is welcome but stays where it is loved; support your entrepreneurs! B. Paddick

On Innovation

“The pace of change is going to accelerate and give rise to opportunities and a more competitive landscape; speed to market is super important.” J. Risley

“We need to champion and support entrepreneurs once they arrive because that is when they need it most.” B. Paddick